Thursday, July 26, 2012

A rocky road...

I haven't posted in exactly one month.  Where does the time fly?

Well, I bought some new shoes and it looks like my black toe nail problems are resolving itself, or is it?  Either it's the extra 1.5 sizes larger shoe, or its the lack of mileage, or it could be both.

Two weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles, CA, where I attended all three days of the Crossfit Games.  Awesome experience.  The Home Depot Center is a small, yet large enough venue for the event, where all the attendees were almost as fit as the contestants.  Simply being in a crowd of fit people make you want to work harder at getting fitter.  Electrifying.  It's no wonder that, I've only missed one wod since my return.

Running on the other hand is where I'm having great difficulties getting back into the groove of things.  Yeah, sure I have time to get back on track, but time flies, and if I don't keep conscientiously thinking about doing my miles, then I may be doomed.  I give myself until this Sunday, then this lazy vacation period is over!

Oh, and anyone has a special prayer/chant/dance/whatever, please do it now and as many times as possible, so this hot, humid weather can go AWAY!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making solid strides forward...

I've been making solid progress in my training.  KO has been integrated into my cache of training partners and my ability to carry on a conversation while running has greatly improved.  No more simple answers like, uh huh and yes or no, for me!  Eight mile runs are becoming regular training distances.  The day I can run the entire way will be a glorious one for me.  (I know, I'm supposed to walk a minute or two every mile, but in Coach Todd's words, "get out of your comfort zone".)

With the increased number of longer runs, I've noticed that my long and middle toes are staying black and blue.  I even got a blood blister under one nail on one foot.  How strange is that?  Nails are as short as can be.  My shoe is a whole size larger than my normal shoe size, so wearing too small of a shoe isn't the likely culprit here.  But the toe box seems overly roomy, so now I'm thinking that this may be the problem.  My long toes get all banged up while running as my foot comes down.  My footstriking probably isn't the greatest, but without a professional coach, it isn't likely that I'll change.  Maybe I should just get fitted for shoes?  This time, it'll not be a binge purchase, but to buy a shoe out of actual necessity.  What a concept!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Who loves rollercoasters?

I used to love rollercoasters, esp when Magic Mountain in So. Cal. was new and now I think the amusement park has or will soon close down for good for something like 10,000 homes.  So sad.

It's been almost two weeks since I last blogged.  How time flies when one is having fun.  Yesterday, I ran 8.5 miles with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.  Group running can be fun, esp when you have a friend and you start to make more friends within the group.  The run was at a unexpected slow 17 min pace, which surprisingly I figured out that its a pace that I can almost walk and still keep up with the group.  A fellow HAF crossfitter saw me on the road on her way to church and yelled out about how much she was jealous of me that I was out on the road doing my thing.  It's motivating to hear your name being yelled out loud across Kalanianiole Hwy during mid-run.  Now I know why Japanese support groups pay local people to hold signs and cheer for the runners during marathon day.  lol

This month, June, the HM clinic advises that we should be running 22 miles a week.  This leaves 13.5 miles for me to get done within the next five days.  This is my rollercoaster!  I find the motivation to do the necessary work, then I misplace it, and back up the hill again only to go back down with motivation.  Well people, after much lamenting on my part and much support on your part, I think I have figured out my path to a smoother ride.  Two things motivate me, one - buying new workout apparel and two - working out with friends!  I will enjoy wearing my Innov-8 shoes at HAF to crossfit. And, I have two run dates with friends set for this week, so this week's homework miles WILL get run!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting my Groove back on...

After crying through my post last week, I've been working to get my groove back on.  A few friends gave me some great feedback for which really helped me get my thoughts out of the doldrums.  You know who you are so thank you for your thoughts!

At the start of each month, the HNL marathon clinic adds two miles to their weekly training runs.  This past Sunday, was the first time in three weeks that I attended, and the run was up to 9 miles.  (Panic, only because I really just wanted to go back to bed and lounge the day away!)  In summary, my endurance needs lots work.  The good news is though that I made it through the run with the front half of the group!

I'm rethinking my goals. For the last eight days, I've done at least one kind of workout every day. But, you know what, it really is just about staying healthy, happy, and mentally enjoying the progress, no matter how insignificant my strides may seem.  Afterall, exercise is like loose change, small amounts at some point total up into large amounts of money.

Happy National Running Day, People!  Run at least a 100 meters and enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This little lamb has lost her way....

Two weeks ago, I was on a exercise roll...  I was beginning to find balance in Crossfit, my Runs, and even found Yoga.  One day, my body said, 'please, can we have just one day off?'.  I agreed.  Oh boy, did it get me into trouble.  I have yet to return to my training with the same level of commitment that I left off at.  I'm forcing myself to go to do a half-hearted wod or yoga sessions, some days I've been doing both.  Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty with getting my runs done....

Summer is practically upon us and everyone else seems to be gearing up their 'practice' to the next level, but I'm feeling lost and unmotivated.  I want to cry for the lack of motivation!  Let's hope this shall pass and soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Training Hurdles - Hydration & Nutrition

Last week, I had two running things on the brain - toe socks and GU (provided by my cheerleader,GMT).  Both of which I had just learned about, but was only brave enough to try and fall in love with toe socks. 

This past weekend, several seasoned marathoners gathered at our box (gym) to talk/coach others on what to expect while training and during the HNL marathon.  During this chat session, they stressed the importance of drinking water at every water station (staying hydrated from the start!) and figuring out how to fuel yourself before and during the run.  Basic tip - "Avoid caffeine if it bothers your system.  If not, and if it works for you, do it."

Last week, I still had doubts on the GU and shot block options of mid-run nutrition.  Big D even suggested a sweet potato option, which I promptly made a few to test, but in my fine fashion, haven't yet tried it during a run.  Although it's been ages since I ate frosting straight from the bowl, I got over my dilemma and had some chocolate GU during my Sunday long run.  I waited until mile 6 of 7 to try it though for fear of having immediate intestional issues.  It was pretty good, albeit really, really sweet, so I had to chase it with water.  My tummy was a little upset right after consumption, but only for about the next 2 - 3 minutes, and it could possibly be from all the water I had been drinking during our run.  Next time, I'm gonna try a non-caffeinated mint chocolate GU and consume it earlier into my long run and see how that goes.

My mileage is slowly increasing without too much additional effort and I like it.  I'm still coming to grips with taking it easy with Crossfit though, as we've been doing more intense wods because we're following the spirit of the Crossfit Regionals that are going on around the world and upcoming Games where the World's Fittest is crowned in July.  Truly, exciting and inspiring stuff!  However, as the months go on, I'm certain I will improve the balance between my running/crossfit training schedule.  Just attacking one hurdle at a time, one at a time that's all, easy, right?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toe socks are the winner!

Sundays are supposed to be rest days, but not in the marathon training world.  It's a work day...

As promised, I tried out my latest running tip - toe socks.  I put them on right before I left the house.  I kept thinking am I nuts for wearing these on a six miler?  Should I test them out on a short three miler instead, I tried to reason with myself.  Oh shoot, I decide to just wear them.   It's only six slow miles afterall.

The verdict? These socks are the bomb and I highly recommend them to everyone.  It sort of spreads your toes apart, and I think that actually helped me to avoid getting tired during the run.

The other promise - try the shot blocks or GU.  Since my last post, more friends gave me advice on flavors to try, but I still can't do it, maybe next week.